Partying in Cabo San Lucas


Cabo San Lucas is known for its beautiful beaches and pristine water, but it’s also known for its legendary nightlife scene. Most of the nightlife is concentrated in a small area, so it’s easy to stumble from one club to another. During the day, parties take place in the afternoon on the beach, particularly Medano Beach. Check out Mango Deck, The Office, or Las Palmas if you’re looking to party on the beach during the day. All three are located on Medano Beach, and are great places to soak up the sun, people watch, and have a few drinks.

As night falls, however, things change and the party moves from the beach to the club scene in Cabo San Lucas. The three most popular clubs are the Giggling Marlin, El Squid Roe, and Cabo Wabo. All three clubs can be found on or just off of Lazaro Cardenas. The Giggling Marlin Bar & Grille has a restaurant on the premises, but the real draw is their potent drinks and dirty dancing floor. Another popular nightclub is El Squid Roe. El Squid Roe is the place to go to dance, with two upper levels surrounding the main dance floor where you can join in the party or just sit back and watch other beautiful people dancing. Waitresses wander through the crowds equipped with spray tanks full of tequila, ready to give a shot to anyone who needs it. El Squid Roe is also a restaurant, so you’ll be able to get something to eat to soak up all that alcohol. Another legendary nightlife destination is Cabo Wabo Cantina. Cabo Wabo is owned by Sammy Hagar, who sometimes performs at the club, and is known for its wild parties and live performances. Cabo Wabo also serves food and makes their own tequila.

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